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What is Digital Transformation

Simply put, digital transformation is the transformation of how you run your business in the digital age. It is a re-imagining of business practices. Using digital technologies we can create new, or alter existing, processes, customer experiences, and even our entire business culture. This is about transforming the whole of your business and how you run it.

Digitisation is not digital transformation

They might sound the same, but digitisation and digital transformation are two very different things. Digitisation is moving from analog to digital, it is storing information digitally instead of the old way of doing things ie on paper. Digital transformation is a change in the way you do business. This means looking at your business as a whole and transforming the way you interact with customers and the way you operate your internal systems.

Start-up digitally

For small businesses especially, social media has been a challenge and often a learning curve, but this is a perfect example of digital transformation in action and why it’s so important in order for a business to survive and thrive. Any new business must not only embrace new technology and transform with this in their culture, but must also future proof and hit the ground running when it comes to technology. The good news is, if you’re a start-up, there’s no need to transform so much, you can begin by putting in place digital transformation strategies that will make it easier for you to stay flexible.


But while start-ups are at the forefront of technological changes in any given business sector, existing companies have to follow and keep up with these changes. And that’s where digital transformation comes in. If we look at the way Uber changed the way we use taxis, we can see that all other taxi companies then had to follow this lead and transform too, or sink. The same thing is currently happening in the hospitality sector. Whatever area of business you work in, digital transformation is relevant.


Get your head in the cloud

A good digital transformation strategy will leverage the opportunities of new technology faster, and with the future always in mind. To implement such a strategy you need a solid plan and to approach this in stages. Remember this is an ongoing journey, as technology continues to change and evolve and to bring ever more progressive ways of doing business, you too must evolve and keep up with this, even better, you should keep ahead of the tide. One of the best ways of doing this is by utilising cloud systems to help you solve problems quickly, while keeping everyone in the loop.


At Comurce we can help you stay up to date with digital transformation using our practices and systems for organising  We challenge you to re-think the way you use technology in your business, and we help you to put changes into practice. Using agile practices and being encouraged to take risks, Comurce can help you forge your path ahead through your own digital transformation.

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