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Best Agile Project Management Podcasts

Whether you’re a seasoned podcast addict, or just getting into the trend, there are worthy podcasts on almost any topic ready to fill up your time when travelling, relaxing or learning. Project management is no exception, with a huge range of material from industry experts available for free on your preferred podcast player.

Here are our top six podcasts for project managers.

Modern Change Management

This podcast is hosted by Jason Little, the author of Lean Change Management. It focuses on Agile transformation, organizational change, and culture. It has a lot of interesting guests and describes real-life cases and incredibly useful tips. Each episode of this podcast lasts for about 40 minutes.

Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast

Agile coach and certified Scrum Master, Vasco Duarte hosts this podcast. Here, Vasco interviews other Agile coaches and highly experienced Scrum masters from around the globe. They talk about any topics regarding Agile and Scrum, including sprint planning, team motivation, scaling, strategies, test-driven and behavior-driven development and more. Each episode lasts for just 10 minutes, making it perfect tea break listening.


Meta-cast describes itself as an ‘agile show by agile folks for agile folks.’ Hosts Bob Galen and Josh Anderson share their years of experience in agile project management, their experiences on transformations and challenges along the way. With over 100 episodes, each lasting 30 to 60 minutes, you’ll be sure to find answers to the questions you have, and approach new ways of working within the methodology.

Agile in 3 Minutes

This is probably the quickest podcast out there, lasting for only 3 minutes. Its host, Amitai, describes it as the simplest podcast available. In this 3-minute series, you can learn about the most important topics on Agile compressed in three minutes. This is the perfect podcast to begin with if you are new to Agile and not sure where to start.

Agile for Humans

This podcast delivers more than just information. It is packed with tension and humor from the likes of Lisa Adkins, Josh Kirievsky, Esther Derby, Ron Jeffries, and others. Beyond the set of topics, the influential guests are the main reasons why you should listen to this podcast. The host of this podcast, Ryan Ripley, always chooses the most important and the most relevant topics, mostly concentrating on Agile.

The Agile Pubcast

The hosts of this podcast, Paul Goddard and Geoff Watts, never write scripts for their internet audio show, so you never know where the discussion might lead. Instead, they grab some beer and discuss about everything from recruiting Scrum masters to the neuroscience of coaching, all the way to the creative procedures of decision-making. Each fun-filled and highly surprising episode lasts for between 30 and 60 minutes.

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