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Best Agile Project Management Infographics

There is an old saying that says “a picture is worth a thousand words” and this could never be truer in this highly fast-paced world that we are living in. Cliché as it may sound, viewing or reading about topics in picture or graphic mode can help us to absorb information easily, especially in the world of Agile Project Management where information can be very overwhelming.

Reading information through infographics enable us to have a clearer idea of how exactly the flow of work should happen and inform us of what certain information actually looks like visually. In this article, we have listed down our favorite agile project management infographics.

Agile Project Management Methods by AltexSoft

To start off, if you are new or not too familiar with Agile, or perhaps you are looking for a refresher, you may feast your eyes on this highly informative infographic created by Altexsoft.

Uncomplicated and easily understood, we believe that this infographic will give you a high-level overview of the Agile methodology in project management.


Software development explained with cars by Toggl

Toggl is probably best known for their ingenious tracking app which is used to build software. We are guessing that this particular experience of theirs is what make this infographic highly comprehensive.

The only other thing that is more difficult than developing software for a certain client is explaining to that client how that software is built. This infographic by Toggl explains swiftly the extremely complex concept of software development using cars! It cannot be more exciting and informative than that.

Perhaps the biggest persisting issue that most software development companies have is that gap between how their clients see the process of software development and how that particular development works out exactly in practice.

There are endless negotiations that occur over project budgets and perhaps, it is the most apparent symptom, but this infographic taps more than that.




The Cycles of Miscommunication by 3Back

This infographic on the cycles of miscommunication created by 3Back is actually a Scrum fan favorite. This infographic speaks huge capacities on the importance of listening to what is being said and the importance of always getting and giving feedback during Sprints or any other types of Agile meetings.




10 Reasons Why Your Scrum Project is Failing by 3Back

This is another fan favorite infographic created by 3Back as majority of the reasons stated in this infographic serves as a great reality check to any Scrum Team.

Some of the information stated in this infographic capture the significant concerns that Scrum Teams usually forget about, such as achieving the right size of a Scrum Team or if the team is involved and engaged enough in the Sprint planning process.

The amazing people over at 3Back also states in this infographic that they prefer to use BuildUp Charts instead of Burndown to easily provide a high-quality output for their projects. You can read more about that here:




Popular Misconceptions of Agile by Allan Kelly

Most people who have been exposed to the Agile method who failed probably have a lot of misconceptions about the entire framework. Or perhaps, people who are only being introduced to the Agile methodology and are skeptical of the processes involved in it.

This infographic created by Allan Kelly slams all the common misconceptions that people have towards the Agile method of project management. Every bit of this infographic is worthy to be printed and even posted on a wall wherever Agile is being used or where it is being introduced.

Alternately, this can be put at the back of your mind to dig up again for those times you need a little more clarification on what Agile does and does not do.




The Power of Planning and Estimating in Agile by KnowledgeHut

This very easy on the eye infographic created by KnowledgeHut talks about how important estimating and planning are in the Agile methodology. They stated that each plan will aid in creating a platform to develop a project, and that estimation will help to fill in the gaps and remove the obstacles in the software development process.

The creative people over at KnowledgeHut explains that the Agile methodology only generally provide teams an idea on how a project manager can estimate and plan tasks to ensure project success. They clearly state that planning and estimating are the two main factors that greatly influences that outcome of any sort of project.

In this infographic, they also showed that Agile planning is all about calculating the speed at which a team can turn their user stories into purposeful production-ready software. Planning and estimating are considered to be highly critical for the success of a project on software development.

They also state that planning and estimating may involve numerous challenges because the wrong person did the estimation which eventually leads to a mismatch in the entire process. If this happens, it will be purely just a waste not only of time but also of efforts. This becomes even more grave if a team starts working without any specific task requirement, and furthermore if the tasks are not assigned to the right set of people.s




In summary, there is an abundance of information spread throughout the internet about Agile project management that sometimes, all of this information can be too confusing if not overwhelming. This makes learning about the Agile framework and methodology extra tricky for a lot of people, so people must look for other ways to absorb all the information they find online.

Luckily, there are podcasts and videos to make learning about Agile less boring than simply reading articles or books, and if you are looking for more digestible content to read through, learning about the Agile methodology using a series of infographics is perfect for you.

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