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Best Agile Project Management Videos

Reading is very essential, and there were studies that show reading makes a person smarter. But reading is not exactly everyone’s forte, and there are so many different methods to enhance one’s knowledge without solely relying on written text.

For instance, project managers are extremely busy people, as well as other people on the higher corporate ladder. These people do not exactly have the luxury of time in their hands at all times, so they depend on other ways of learning about what matters in their field or industry in a much quicker way.

An audiobook on their way to work is one of the best methods, but some people do not learn by listening alone. Some people prefer a more visual method to quickly absorb information in a short span of time.

So, if you are one of those type of people who wants to learn more about the Agile method of project management, we have compiled a list of our favorite agile project management videos for you in this article.

Agile Project Management with Kanban by Eric Brechner

Well-renowned Xbox development manager at Microsoft, author, and Kanban specialist, Eric Brechner, talks about Kanban and agile for team project management on a Google talk. Brechner discusses a great and exceptionally helpful introduction to the world of agile project management using Kanban boards, along with a step-by-step approach to the said methodology.


Agile and the Seven Deadly Sins of Project Managing

Mike Cohn delivers a highly significant speech at the Better Software Conference that further explains the most common drawbacks people experience in using the conventional way of project management. Cohn also discusses how the processes in agile address those specific hitches. In this video, Mike Cohn focuses on the seven deadly sins of project management, along with a great summary of agile project management as well.


What is Agile Project Management? Definition, Methodology and Scrum by AIMS Lecture

In this lecture presented by AIMS, they specifically explain what Agile is and what it does to project management in general. This lecture focuses on agile’s definition of being both a process and a methodology by which one’s projects can be easily and conveniently accomplished and implemented in small increments of work.


Agile project management tutorial: What is agile project management? presents a tutorial on Agile project management. It teaches its viewers how using the agile methodology allows a team to produce relatively smaller increments of work more frequently and efficiently, as well as its benefits and disadvantages to some cases. It also talks about how agile makes an excellent choice for teams of all sizes that work on product development, business analysis, programming, and other similar areas.

This tutorial is part of the Agile Project Management course that is presented by’s author, Bob McGannon. On its entirety, this tutorial is 1 hour, and 46 minutes long, and further discusses the techniques as well as the tools you need to successfully manage a project using the agile methodology of project management. You can view the entire video on this link:


Agile project management: A comprehensive guide

This particular video on agile project management, is specially geared toward unceasing development. This video further discusses how the agile methodology can significantly increase your project’s vision for success. Everything you need to know about how the agile project management works as a whole is in this video.


Agile Project Management: Scrum & Sprint Demystified’s Devin Deen introduces a very straightforward yet highly informative video that demystifies the Agile Methodology and its role in project management, all in just a few minutes. This video discusses the agile methodology for viewers to fully understand the approaches in using this particular methodology in project management, as well as for viewers to learn exactly what Scrum is all about. Deen also talks about the benefits of using agile, and how significant its role will be in project management.


Scrum vs Kanban – Two Agile Teams Go Head-to-Head

People who have knowledge of the Agile methodology often gets confused between what Scrum and Kanban really are as they have so much in common that users always mismatch them. In this video, the similarities and differences between Scrum and Kanban will be thoroughly discussed. This video might come in very handy for those who are still confused between the two.


Facilitating the Top 10 Agile Meetings offers this highly unique 21-part video series that will take its viewers deeper into the world of Agile. This series focuses on the top 10 types of Agile meetings and how you and your team can effectively facilitate them. Each video will cover the attendees, deliverables, purpose, sample agenda, and the real-world tips for facilitating an agile meeting with a positive and effective outcome.

This 21-part video series on the top 10 agile meetings is facilitated by experienced Agile practitioners to share their tips and knowledge as well as perform live demos. The instructor, Sally Elatta is a world-class facilitator and an enterprise Agile Coach who generously shares her practical and valuable knowledge and tips that you can immediately apply in your own meetings to fully transform them into highly effective Agile meetings.


Effective Facilitation


In this new video series, Sally Elatta once again shares her knowledge and expertise in handling or facilitating agile meetings. This Effective Facilitation series a is very a powerful 17-part video series that will give its viewers the skills to transform the efficiency of their meetings right away. This video is geared toward Scrum Masters, but all project team members will also benefit greatly from this.

You and your team will learn effective methods in facilitating agile meetings through live demos and a very engaging group discussion on how to exactly respond and react to the top dysfunctional behaviors that usually happen in an agile meeting and how to use very powerful questioning methods to control the stream of your agile meetings.

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